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Free Guide: 14-page eBook on the details of selling a home through the probate process.

Learn how to navigate the probate process, how to prepare, and what to expect with this free guide. 

After reading this simple to follow 14 page guide you’ll know:

  • How much time do it take to go thru the probate process
  • The 5 ways a real estate professional can speed up the process and ensure a painless sale
  • What a property appraiser MUST do when evaluating your property
  • Things to consider when selling as-is versus top dollar retail

Probate is never fun but do not need to be painful to you the seller

When you’re armed with the right information, know all of your options, and can make a well educated plan… your odds of coming out of this probate situation with as little mental stress as possible increase a lot.

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